Calm & Compassionate Parenting

Has homeschooling put your parenting skills under the spotlight?

Struggling to get your kids to do what you want?

Or manage misbehaviour?

Unsure how to remain calm amongst the chaos?


Learn how to put the fun back into parenting and connect with your kids

Kids Running

Next Group

Wednesday 22nd July



First session FREE-no obligation

Held at Bell & Co, 197 Days Road, the Grange

Session 1   22nd July 

  Session 2   6th August

     Session 3   20th August

           Session 4   3rd September

              Session 5   17th September

     Session 6   7th October

1-1 session with Kathryn after the group


I learned so much that really helped my relationship with my daughter when I put it into practice

I feel so lucky to have have done this course pre Covd i19

The workshops were very supportive, but also the issues raised were challenging and thought provoking.

Enjoyable course that has made me stop and think


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