Calm & Compassionate Parenting

Has homeschooling put your parenting skills under the spotlight?

Struggling to engage your kids cooperation? 

Or manage misbehaviour?

Unsure how to remain calm amongst the chaos?


Learn how to put the fun back into parenting and connect with your kids

Kids Running

You will learn...

Labelling Feelings

 Learn how to label your children’s feelings so they feel understood and respected. Learn how to help your child recognize negative emotions such as anger, frustration and disappointment and how they can respond to these feelings.

Encouraging Autonomy

Learn ways to encourage your child’s independence and motivation to learn new skills.

Praise and Self Esteem

Learn to use descriptive praise to help your child relate their actions with a positive quality such as being organized, polite, kind etc. Experience the impact this has on your child’s self esteem and how it avoids parental criticism.

Engage Cooperation

Learn how to engage a child’s cooperation and avoid the battles that can result from commonly used methods; threats, warnings, orders, name calling, lecturing.  Learn methods that invite cooperation and leave you and your child feeling good about themselves and each other.

Alternatives to Punishment

Learn what happens to children when they are punished (e.g. time out, privileges taken away) and how it impacts on your relationship with them. Learn methods that enable you to express your strong disapproval as well as encourage children to assume responsibility.

Free your child from playing a role

Learn how to free your child from roles they are cast into (e.g. stubborn, spoilt, picky eater, lazy, shy) and how to change your perspective of your child

...​and learn valuable skills in responding to your child in a calm and intentional way

*Group starting 20th August FULL* Now offering a 2nd workshop

FRIDAYS 10am to 12pm


First session FREE-no obligation

Held at Bell & Co, 197 Days Road, the Grange

Session 1   21st  August

Session 2   11th September

Session 3   18th September

Session 4   9th October

Session 5   23rd October

Session 6   6th November

I learned so much that really helped my relationship with my daughter when I put it into practice

I feel so lucky to have have done this course pre Covid19

The workshops were very supportive, but also the issues raised were challenging and thought provoking.

Enjoyable course that has made me stop and think

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